As one of the most popular online games on the World Wide Web today, bingo comes with a simple set of rules. The simplicity is what makes the game fun to play and is what is most appealing about joining the community. Here is everything there is to know about how to play online bingo.


The Bingo Basics

Before starting the game of bingo, you must find a site that you see as fun and fits your needs. When you find this site, you register and put in your real money deposit. If you wish to try playing without risking any of your own personal money, then look for sites that require no deposit bonus. There is no wrong site to join; it all comes down to what perks the player is looking for from their bingo experience. Many of each type of site can be found in the directory of New Bingo Sites.New Bingo Sites.

The next step is understanding the basic setup of a bingo game. Bingo is a game of elimination. Players, essentially, get a card and mark off numbers until it creates the correct pattern. The first thing you do though is pick a room to join on your chosen bingo site and purchase a strip of tickets that contain a range of numbers on them. In a real-life game of bingo, an individual would then call out each number and the players would cover up the number if it appeared on any of their strips. Online bingo is much of the same, except the individual calling out, or displaying the numbers, is the computer who uses a random number generator. If you cover up all numbers needed on your ticket then you’ve achieved bingo and have won the game.


A Variety of Ways to Play

There are three specific varieties to the game of bingo. Each of these types of games come with different stakes, and each can be found on any of the websites we recommend.

The first one is 90 ball bingo. It is built on three individual rounds and involves 15 numbers over 3 rows, which means 5 numbers per row. Every possible number from 1 to 90 can be called. The player can win prizes for getting 1 line, 2 lines, or a full house in this game.

The next possible game that a player can choose is 80 ball bingo with 16 numbers arranged into a square. This is the type of bingo that is typically played in bingo halls. It usually has a board with built-in shutters on each number in all four columns. The game would begin with all the shutters opened and as each number is called out, the player closes the corresponding shutter.   The prizes format for this game can vary but they are usually based on lines.

The third, and final, type of bingo game that can be played is 75 ball bingo, which is typically the American style of bingo. In this bingo, there are 24 numbers laid out in a square with a free space located in the middle of the ticket. This style of game is usually built around a pattern that can include numbers, shapes, letters in the alphabet, or covering all your numbers on the ticket. The player who completes the pattern first is the one who wins.

Although these types of games are the main three that are played, there is still some variety to bingo that players may see. Some games may include 4 corners, where players win by covering the number in each corner of their ticket. Other types of bingo you might find in a room online are House; players fill in every number on the ticket, pre-set pattern; players must complete a shape like an ‘X’ or a ‘T’, and 4 middle squares; players must fill in the four squares in the middle.

While most rooms only play one of these types of bingos, there are some rooms that like to mix it up while playing.


Important Things to Note

The number of tickets bought per room is usually a minimum of 1 with a variety on the maximum that can stretch from 12 to somewhere in the 40s. After you’ve bought your ticket, you sit and wait for the game to start. It’s in this time, and during the game, that players can converse with others in their room via the chat window. Not all bingo sites have the chat option but most do. The chat window is also where players play games with the chat moderator to win bonuses. In many rooms, if two or more bingo players win at the same time the prize is split between each of them.

If the site you join is real money bingo, it is important to note that it is classed as gambling and is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.  This means if you want to play it you must be over 18, but that doesn’t mean online bingo isn’t for the younger crowd who can still join deposit free sites.

Another thing worth keeping in mind while searching for the bingo site for you is that for real money bingo the numbers are automatically covered once called. You have no control over covering up the number on your tickets because the computer does it for you when it calls the number. The reasoning behind this is to quicken the pace of how a winner is chosen because complications with internet connections can prevent you from winning or just slow reflexes. Auto-covering makes the process fair for everyone.


The Bottom Line

The rules of playing online bingo are incredibly simple and easy to catch on to. Everything else from the room you choose to play and the type of game is completely up to your personal preference. The rules are so accessible and understandable, even the most inexperienced player will be enjoying themselves while playing the game in no time.