70-Year-old bingo addict stole over £20000 from her Dart Club’s account to fund her furiously out of control addiction

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The thought-to-be trusted treasurer of a darts association whom was guilty of stealing a massive £23,000 from the club account she so trustily managed to fund her out of control addiction narrowly escaped a prison sentence.

Just when you thought things had gone quite, again a bingo addict resurfaces to show us all the dark side of bingo addiction. Trusty Irene Mungins, aged70, was highly regarded by everyone and was considered very much as the “mother figure” of her county darts organisation. With many friends and family respecting her nobody had any reason what so ever to suspect a thing. Her time at the darts club ended drastically as she walked away with barely a penny to her name considering bankruptcy. Irene loved a flutter and was a regular on the slot machines in her local amusement arcades in Salford where she lived. Things began to take a turn towards the dark side when Irene indulged in online bingo and could simply not resist the allure of jackpot joy bingo online.


Wasting no time at all, mother of two Irene has made a total of 336 cash machine withdrawals coming to a jaw-dropping total of £30,590 – all from the Lancashire Darts Organisation’s account. Some of these withdrawals were in fact legitimate but them total amount stolen to gamble away is estimated at £23,000. Irene admitted to the huge count of theft at Manchester Crown Court.

Irene received an 18-month prison sentence, which was suspended for two years and now faces a proceeds of crime hearing. Judge Hilary Manley exclaimed: “It’s a sad fall from grace for a woman who led a blameless life until her late 60s” . Irene’s case really highlights the importance of knowing when to stop and gambling sensibly.

The chairman of the darts association said: “Prior to this discovery I would have trusted Irene Mungins with my life. It was the ultimate crime of betrayal of friendship and trust.” The court then went on to hear that Irene was completely and utterly trusted by the club and she was a keen darts player herself. She was a member for 21 years. She was completely trusted with the utmost of responsibility to look after the associations bank and money which was used for a number of things to enhance the club and the lives of its members such as trophies, development of young players, coach trips and hotel trips. Irene was the perfect person for the treasurer position. Sadly her addictions got out of control tarnishing her character in her later age giving her a reputation that will take some serious hard work to turn around.

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