Great software is behind every good online bingo site, ensuring that every player has an entertaining time whenever they play. There are a few different bingo software companies around, and you’ll learn about the biggest of them on this page. We’ll also let you know whether to download bingo software or not, and whether mobile players can use the same bingo software as those playing on a desktop. Once you’ve finished reading, you’ll know everything you need to know about the software used at online bingo websites.

The Major Software Companies

The Major Software Companies

There are loads of different bingo software companies, however four names dominate the industry. They are used at the majority of websites and offer networks of thousands and thousands of players. If you play at a site using any of the companies mentioned below, you’ll definitely have a great time, plus you could win some huge prizes.


Dragonfish is the biggest bingo software company in the world, and they supply games to some of the biggest sites around. Their games are always well designed and simple to use, plus they sometimes offer prizes worth tens of thousands of pounds. If you’re new to the world of online bingo, we’d recommend that you start by playing at a Dragonfish site.

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Cozy Games

Cozy Games is another huge name, and they have no fewer than three different online bingo networks. Each of these networks has a loyal base of players, ensuring that all Cozy Games sites are always busy. What’s more, all games from this company are fair, as they have been verified as such by iTech Labs. We love Cozy Games sites and know you will too!

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Virtue Fusion

This is a company owned by Playtech - one of the biggest names in the online gambling world. They’ve been around since way back in 1999, so know exactly what it takes to make a great piece of bingo software. You’ll find all standard versions of bingo offered by this software company, as well as some more unusual forms of the game, including Deal or No Deal Bingo.

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The final name to mention on this page is Gamesys - the fourth of the big bingo software providers. While not as large as the other three, Gamesys still provides software to many bingo sites. They’re popular with players thanks to the intuitive playing experience on offer, as well as the fact that nearly every Gamesys site is different from the last.

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Download vs. Browser Based

Download vs. Browser Based

There used to be two popular ways to play bingo. You could either download the software to a computer or play the games via a browser. The split was pretty even, with each option having its own pros and cons.

Nowadays, nearly everyone tends to use the latter option though. Why? Well, it’s simply more convenient, as there’s no need to spend time downloading software, plus not downloading anything also makes players feel more comfortable, as nobody wants to risk downloading a virus. Because of the huge popularity of browser-based play, most bingo sites don’t even offer the option to download software now.

Mobile Bingo Software

A few years ago, mobile bingo was still in its infancy, and many sites were yet to offer mobile games. This is no longer the case though. Mobile bingo now rivals desktop bingo in popularity, meaning that a bingo site simply has to have a mobile option in order to compete.

Most sites offer play via a mobile browser, and this is made possible thanks to HTML5 technology. This technology allows a web page to adapt to whatever device is being used, ensuring that the page displays properly on screens of all types. So, whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad or Android device, you’ll be able to play bingo at the top sites.

While browser-based play is most popular with players, there are some sites that offer apps to download. These are free to download and allow players to access their favourite bingo games directly from their mobile desktop. We’ll let you know if an app is offered by a site whenever we write a review.



There really are a number of top software providers in the online bingo world, including the huge names mentioned further up this page. They are absolutely vital to the entire industry, as they’re the innovators, keeping players interested with new and exciting games.

We don’t think that any one software provider is better than the rest. Instead, they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Why not play at a few sites with different software and choose the one you like best?


What does bingo software do?
Bingo software is essentially the game you play. The more types of bingo software there are, the more variety there will be for players to choose from. Bingo software really is vital.

Which software provider should I choose?
They all have pros and cons, although every provider we mention on this page offers honest and safe games, with nice prizes attached. Play different software and decide for yourself which is best.

Are all software providers the same?
No, they aren’t. Each software provider has its own games, each of which have new and interesting features for players to enjoy. If they were all the same, bingo would be a pretty boring game!

How do I know bingo software is safe?
The best bingo software will be approved by a company like eCOGRA, which shows all games are random. You can be sure that any software we recommend is completely safe and secure.

Can I play using a mobile?
You sure can. All good bingo sites now offer a mobile option, plus all software providers make games using HTML5 technology, ensuring that they work on all mobile devices.