With the overwhelming amount of variety in online bingo websites nowadays, online games have developed tricks to keep people coming back for more. These tricks are more of perks for those who frequently visit their page. With bonuses and incentives, people are enticed to come back every day. Almost all new bingo websites now have some type of bonus to offer to their players. While many of these bonuses require no more than just visiting the site daily, there are others that require criteria to be met. If the criteria is met, then the player can make the most out of their winnings.

There are four main types of bingo bonuses that a player will usually see on their bingo site: the bingo bonus no deposit, first deposit bonus, the reload bonus, and the sticky bonus.


No Deposit Bonus

Online there are bingo sites that require no deposit when signing up or receiving points. Once you’ve registered for an account on one of these sites, the player will usually get a pre-determined amount of bingo bonus points, or money, to allow the player to play the game instantly. On most sites with no deposit, they ask for your debit or credit information upon registration even though you will not be charged. The winnings from the free bonuses the site gives you can only be used to buy more tickets; you cannot withdraw the winnings you earn through this type of website. This is a safe option for those who are not highly interested in giving their information away or are not very intrigued at what bonus points have to offer them.


First Deposit Bonuses

Commonly known and referred to as a sign-up bonus or a deposit match. Basically all bingo sites, whether they have been around since the beginning or are just starting out, offer a first deposit bonus. It is typical for those playing online bingo to deposit a certain amount of real money to play the game. Where players give real money, they can also win real money and withdraw any with these types of bonuses. They are usually given to players as a percentage of their original deposit and can vary from 100%, 200%, 300% or even higher of the original deposit. This type of bonus is popular because players get so much out of it.


Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is given to players when they have made consecutive deposits after their very first deposit. This type of bonus is offered to players as a promotional tool as it is usually offered in much smaller percentages than the original bonus on the first deposit. Those smaller deposits can build up though and, with these types of bonuses, players can benefit from using them to buy the tickets they use for games.


The Sticky Bonus

The sticky deposit bonus is offered by some really popular bingo sites and makes the bonus won easy to wager but impossible to withdraw. The easiness helps increase a player’s chances of winning. Players can withdraw any money won when using the bonus, but any fund won against the bonus cannot be withdrawn.

Reading the terms and conditions bingo sites is imperative when it comes to bonus money. If there is any misuse of bonuses found, the player will be dropped from the site. Many new sites have developed tough and heavy restrictions to prevent the abuse of free play.


Miscellaneous Bonuses

While many sites have the bonuses listed above, there are other bonuses that are less offered that sites might have for their players. Another popular way bingo sites reward players with bonuses is through slots bonuses. The site will have a slot game that gives bigger bonuses than those offered other ways.

Some sites offer beginners the chance to taste what they have to offer by allowing players to use their site on a trial base before registering. Trials can hook users to register by allowing them to enjoy free bingo and develop favorites that they won’t want to leave. It also gives them a chance to socialize and make friends that make them want to stay with that site.

Other sites have VIP games, where they can earn special bonuses. There are bonuses based on inviting friends to come sign up for the site, although with many you will not get your bonus until your friend has registered and placed their deposit to the site. There are sites that sell their tickets for two for the price of one. Some sites have a designated time frame where players can win big prizes if they play a certain number of games during the time period. Players can join loyalty clubs on sites and earn bonuses that way. Some bingo sites have bonuses for just signing in to their site every day. Other ways to find the latest bingo bonuses is by simply searching the web for them, in which case they usually come as bingo bonus codes.


Keep in Mind

It is important to read the fine print when dealing with some prizes. These extra regulations not only prevent the player from taking advantage of the site, but the site from taking advantage of the players.

With welcome bonuses there are usually conditions that state that the welcome bonus that they offer is valid for just seven days after registration. Sites that offer welcome bonuses also make it clear that they will not tolerate any players that try to gain more than one welcome bonus, stating outright that only one bonus is permitted per player. Other restrictions to keep in mind is a number of tickets you can buy and the amount of money you can win. Be sure to pay attention to limited time offers on bonuses so you can have the full opportunity to win as many prizes as you can. The fun and enjoyment of online bingo is enough for many but for those looking for a little extra to keep them coming back, they should check out the bonuses offered by every website they consider, which can easily be done through New Bingo Sites’ directory.