is one of the top UK bingo affiliate sites. Therefore, we want to ensure that readers of this site, as well as our affiliate partners, understand that we comply properly with both the UK Gambling Commission and ASA requirements and regulations.

Below, you’ll find that we are completely committed to adhering to all relevant laws and guidelines, including:

When it comes to our promotion of offers, we strive to remain committed to guidance laid out on the above pages. We do this by strictly observing the following policies.

Terms & Conditions

When we advertise a promotion on this site, we will do everything in our power to ensure that the information contained within the promotion is completely accurate. We will also ensure that significant terms and conditions are not deliberately omitted. Examples of some significant terms and conditions include:

  • Wagering requirements
  • Minimum/maximum deposits
  • Withdrawal limits
  • Games restricted from the specific promotion
  • Eligibility restrictions

We automatically attach the following message to all promotions advertised at

“New Customer Offer. T&C Apply. 18+. Please Gamble Responsibly.”

Should one of our affiliates inform us that the terms and conditions differ from those laid out above, we will alter the terms and conditions to reflect this. This ensures that it is simple for all players to quickly find the relevant terms and conditions surrounding a bonus or promotion.


Currently, does not collect emails from visitors in any way. What’s more, does not send out emails, either randomly or to those providing an email address. Should ever begin to send emails promoting the site and/or affiliate promotions, this section of the page will be updated accordingly.

Advertising Banners

At, we use advertising banners to promote affiliate partners. These banners come directly from affiliate partners and are not altered in any way by us, in a bid to ensure that they are always completely accurate and truly represent the advertised bonus or promotion.

Before adding any advertising banner to our site, we will check the details contained within it carefully, to ensure that customers are not being misled, either by misleading information or omitted significant terms.

Social Media does not engage in social media advertising. This is the case when it comes to both promoting and promoting any affiliate bonuses and promotions. Therefore, there is no need to be concerned about compliance in this area.

If changes the approach to social media advertising in the future, information on this page will be updated immediately.

Push Notifications

At, we do not send push notifications at all, so compliance in this area should not be an issue. If we do ever start to send push notifications to those opting in, we will ensure that the information on this page is amended straightaway.

Other Types of Promotion does not produce or broadcast any promotional videos, either on this site or at popular sites, including YouTube. Therefore, there’s no need to be concerned with compliance in this area. Changes will be made to this page if videos are produced and broadcast in the future.

There are also a number of other types of promotions that does not use, including:

  • SMS messaging
  • Pop unders
  • Adverts bought from ad exchanges
  • Media buying
  • Challenge style pages

Responsible Gambling

At, we fully support all efforts to ensure responsible gambling. To support this, we provide a link to the Gamblers Anonymous website at the foot of every page, plus we also have a page on this site dedicated to responsible gambling.