How We Rate

New bingo site reviews are at the heart of this website, so we want to ensure that you know exactly how they’re created. By being transparent, we hope you’ll see that our reviews can be trusted completely. So, we’re going to tell you everything from what our review criteria are, through to who we get to write our reviews. We think you’ll be pretty impressed with the process by the time you finish reading!

Our Main Criteria

There are many things we consider when reviewing a bingo site, and the first is always safety and security. We’ll look to see if the site in question is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and if it isn’t, we certainly won’t recommend it to you. We’ll also make sure SSL encryption is used to protect all transactions, plus we also like to see that a reputable test house, such as eCOGRA, has looked over the games.

Next, we look at the games on offer. Our main focus will be on the bingo games, looking to see if a good range is offered, plus also seeing whether there are enough players in the rooms to make things fun. Prizes also play a big role when assessing how good the games are, and the bigger the prizes are, the more likely we are to recommend the site to you. We also expect to see a good selection of new online slots machines, for those times when you fancy a change of pace.

Online bingo bonuses also have to be seen as a big part of any online bingo site. We want to see a big welcome bonus, which also has favourable terms and conditions. What’s more, there should be many ongoing bonuses as well, to ensure that there’s always a bonus for you to claim. A loyalty scheme should ideally be offered, plus the best bingo websites will also have a fantastic VIP scheme for their biggest spending players.

We also want to ensure that everyone can play, which is why we don’t just look at the desktop site - we also look at the mobile offering as well. We’ll let you know if the mobile bingo website is a good one, plus we’ll also inform you if there’s an app for you to use. We expect mobile players to still have access to a large range of different games, plus mobile players should be able to play for the same prizes.

There’s also lots more that go into a review, including how good the customer service is, and how easy it is to deposit and withdraw money. Essentially, once you’ve finished reading through one of our reviews, you’ll have the full picture of the casino in question. If you like what you’ve read, you can then head there and sign up!

Ongoing Review Maintenance

There are many sites out there that create a review, then proceed to forget about it. This means that those reading these reviews are receiving old information. We don’t want you to get any incorrect information though, which is why we constantly look through our reviews, checking all the facts and making amendments when necessary. The result? Every review on this site is completely fresh and useful to everyone who stops by to read.

Of course, we don’t always spot everything - we’re only human, after all. So, if you spot an error, please let us know. We’ll then rectify the mistake as quickly as possible.

What We Don’t Do

First and foremost, we absolutely do not accept money or other incentives for providing favourable reviews. When we ask a reviewer to look over a bingo site, they’re allowed to write exactly what they think, whether it’s good or bad. By ensuring our reviews are as honest as possible, we hope that our readers will trust what we have to say about online bingo sites.

We will also never give up our independence. We’re completely separate from all online bingo sites and casinos, meaning that we’re free to write anything we want about every gambling site out there. We value this independence and we’ll never sacrifice it.

Who Writes Our Reviews?

Our reviews are created by a group of fanatical bingo fans, who love nothing more than sitting down in front of their computer, smartphone or tablet and playing bingo late into the night. They have a massive passion for the game, and we hope that this comes across in the reviews and other pages they write.

Once again, we’d like to stress that online bingo sites have no input when we’re writing their reviews. Our online bingo site reviewers remain completely independent and can say anything they like about the online bingo site in question.


Are all reviews completely impartial?
Yes, all reviews are completely impartial. We receive no money or other incentives from bingo sites to write positive reviews about them.

Can you review my online bingo site?
Yes, we sure can – just let us know what site you own. Don’t think that we’ll definitely give your site a good review though, as we judge all sites fairly and purely on their merits.

I’ve found something incorrect, what should I do?
If you’ve found something incorrect on this site, please contact us and let us know. We can then put the problem right as quickly as possible. We really do appreciate your help!

How do you review a bingo site?
We look at many things, including security, bonuses, games, customer service and the mobile experience. We spend ages on every review, to ensure it is perfect.

Are old reviews still accurate and relevant?
Yes, they are completely accurate. This is because we constantly look at old reviews and make amendments to them.