Bingo Hall To Rejuvenate Local Community

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Traditional bingo halls have long been on the decline due to the rise of online bingo communities and the infinite resources internet gambling sites have at their disposal to constantly re invent and replenish an age old game loved by millions across the world.

On this occasion though, it would seem old is the new…new, as the opening of a new bingo hall in the town of Aquinnah looks set to completely change the scenic and economic landscape inhabited by the Wampanoag tribe of Gay Head. Their plans to transform an old community centre into a class II gaming facility would bring in over $400,000 per month in revenue ($4.5 million during the first year of operation) and inject some desperately needed cash into the area to help bring a new lease of life to the tribe and allow them to fund a variety of tribal programs. As it stands, the plans are on hold after a hearing on August the 12th in which the town of Aquinnah successfully argued that the tribe ought to halt construction.

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This hold up largely relies on the Wampanoag tribe having to comply with Aquinnah town planning permissions and the rules and regulations they entail – this is easily within reach and the future of the community centre is looking bright, but it’s crucial that these permissions first be granted in order for construction to proceed and the tribes plans to come to fruition.

One strong argument for granting permission to create the bingo hall is the fact that the tribe relies largely on government funding to sustain it self, and the creation of such a facility would mean that they could wholly self fund for the foreseeable future, hopefully forever. This would be a large victory for the U.S government and a really positive message to send to others in a disadvantageous position elsewhere in the U.S. Entrepreneurs either as individuals or a collective group are much needed in a world that seems to be slowly gaining in its dependency on state benefits both in the US and other areas of the world – success stories are very much needed to inspire others to follow the same path and create an injection of extra funding through their own means rather than taking the increasingly beaten path.

The tribes proposed programs include elder programs, youth programs, a court system, law enforcement, education, health care, housing and environmental protection – all cornerstones of any successful community and the lifeblood of survival. Many jobs will be created in these diverse subject areas drawing from a large array of different skill sets, and the truly great aspect is the fact that the town as a whole will also benefit, being that more jobs will be made vacant than the tribe it self will be able to fulfil on its own.

This seems largely like a win-win situation, and whilst the construction of any new building is always going to have several negative effects on the local community and landscape, especially during construction phase, it’s important that people pay attention to the productivity and positive impact it will have on the community as a whole, of which the tribe are a part of.

Good luck we say, and may many happy rounds of bingo be played inside the doors of the community centre in its new guise as the community bingo hall in the very near future.



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