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bibleThere’s an absolutely enormous culture surrounding fundraising through bingo in church halls. Yeah, really…it’s absolutely massive though, fundraising events run in church and community halls have been immensely successful ever since their conception in the early 20th century, and have become one of the go to activities when raising cash for charities or any other activities in need of an injection of cash in the local community.

This culture is so well known, that a group known as “Nuns4Fun Entertainment” are presenting a show called “Bible Bingo: A comedy with God, games and goofy prizes” at the Minnesota Folklore theatre in Walker, Minn., this week.

As bingo related showcases go, this is absolutely phenomenal and devilishly fun, it’s not just a piece of entertainment theatre, it’s actually an interactive bingo game in its own right, completely making fun out of the whole “bingo fundraiser” culture in the process and providing ample laughs for all of those involved. There will be suitable themed bingo cards, and the audience will be prompted to play along as the madness ensues on stage throughout the evening, all the while being merrily subjected to bible related trivia, improvised comedy and an absolutely hilarious quiz about the holy family.

The premise is that the parish needs money, and the shows leading character, Mary Margaret O’Brien is on standby and ready to help – combine this with some utterly insane prizes, hilarious bingo cards to play a long with, and a truck load of catholic humour, and you’ve got a great tongue in cheek event that’s going to be fun for all of the family. The shows script has been written by hit comedy writer Vicki Quade, who penned the international hit comedy “Late Nite Catechism.”

Ms Quade grew up in the area and wanted to do something to give back to her local community, and she saw this as the perfect, light hearted way to bring her talents back home. Bible Bingo is ultimately a comedy about the catholic culture of fundraising and bingo, featuring Mrs Mary Margaret O’Brien as a former nun who heads the entirely fictitious archdiocese fund raising department.

Theatre by Numbers said “Bible Bingo is a great show, it’s just a brilliant excuse for people to get together and laugh out loud whilst having munchies and drinks. It really gels the community together very nicely.”

It sounds pretty fantastic to us, and it’s great to see such a serious subject being treated in such a light hearted and fun manner – it’ll be great for the local image of the churches in the area, whilst also sending out an important message that, hey, even churchgoers have a sense of humour. Get yourselves down and check it out – for more information head to www.biblebingo.ingo and

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