How a Ban on Smoking Has Helped Increase Online Bingo Popularity

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Many local laws continue to place a ban on smoking in parlours and halls in local communities across the nation. Many of these local ordinances cite health issues as their number one concern for restricting smoking in indoor facilities. Since then, the popularity of playing online has continued to rise. Many of the bans on smoking in workplaces have spilled over to charity gambling halls. As a result, many dedicated players have turned to online games as a source to continue their entertainment.

Traditionally, the amount of smokers versus non-smokers in gambling halls was ranked 3 to 1. As a result of the ban, many gambling hall managers say they can no longer produce enough revenue to stay open. Over the last decade, many halls have either consolidated or closed altogether. Even so, revenues continue to be sufficiently diminished over historical numbers.

The Popularity of Online Bingo

Since its invention in 1929, bingo has proven to be an exciting and exhilarating game, whose popularity will simply not just die away due to a local ordinance. Many individuals that no longer choose to play indoors without the possibility of lighting up have moved to the online world of gaming. With the literally hundreds of different sites available online, offering various styles of bingo, there is a game that suits everyone.

Promotions and Bonuses

There are significant advantages to playing online, versus a traditional brick-and-mortar parlour. Many top notch recommended sites offer extensive promotions and bonuses for signing up, and continuing to play. Offering free cards and tickets, the sites provide exciting incentives. Because the computer controls most of the action for the player, each beginner or advanced player can increase their potential to win by playing dozens, if not scores, of cards at the same time.

Still a Social Game

Many of the individuals banned by the no smoking law enjoyed visiting their local bingo parlour because of the social atmosphere and communicating with friends. However, online sites offer their own social atmosphere by providing instant messaging communication, along with online forums and chat rooms. Now, the individuals that once visited social gaming halls can talk to their same friends and meet new ones in the online chat rooms.

With new laws restricting smoking firmly in place at many local jurisdictions, it appears as though playing online will continue to rise in popularity.