How did bingo become so popular with the younger generations?

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Due to a number of factors bingo is getting a resurgence from younger players and is becoming more and more popular with them. So what is it that is bringing the younger generations to bingo?  We’ve had a look and found out why.

It’s easy

The first reason is simply put because it’s true, bingo is easy to play. There’s no skill involved other than keeping up with the calls. In the UK version of the game players listen intently for the random numbers between one and 90 printed on their card to be called out.

One by one the players crossed off the numbers until someone has none left and there’s a winner , that’s when they shout ‘bingo’ or ‘house’.

The television advertising

A big factor for the popularity of bingo at the moment is coming from the sheer amount of bingo websites that are advertised on television and the internet right now. It is near impossible to sit through five minutes of television without seeing at least one advert and most sites will have a side banner with some kind of bingo chat site.

The online convenience

The fact that you can play bingo online is much more attractive than the stuffy old bingo halls many have in their minds, and because you don’t travel, you don’t have to get washed, dressed or even go out to play. You can socialise to your hearts content from your bed, play a few games on or another site, before you even get up.

You could also play on your phone or tablet, around and about, perhaps if you’re on the bus or train. It’s easy to just flick onto it whenever you get a chance, meaning people will do it if they have a spare 5 mins.


Anni Nevison, 21, who was interviewed by the BBC puts it well “I get excitement and friendship,” she has been playing since she was 18. “You go into a bingo site and it’s like a little family, it’s so chatty,”.

Anni visits the site not just for the bingo wins but also to talk to all her friends that she’s made in the chat rooms. The chat room element is key to the appeal of online bingo for many players. Traditionally players sit in silence while the game is played, socialising is to be done before and after the games. But online users can talk as much as they please.

The BBC states that some people play just to talk, filling in their cards as quickly as possible so they can go back and chat with their friends.

It doesn’t feel like gambling

Bingo is pretty much the same result as poker, maybe stakes are a bit lower, but in the end it is a practice of gambling. Though this is never mentioned in the adverts, as bingo is more about the social and fun side than making money for the people who play it. This makes it more inoffensive and easier to get involved in.

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