How to win at online bingo!

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Do you love a game of bingo? Maybe your inspired by the same set of friends constantly rubbing it in your face that they are ‘always winning online’ and the time has come where you are a little bit fed up of listening and quite frankly jealous. Well you can have your cake and eat it because there are ways you can maximize your chances at winning your online game of bingo!

Before we get started, don’t think for one second that there is no social aspect or community because THERE IS! Online bingo opens plenty of doors to make new friends, swap tips and chat to other players until your hearts content.


 TIP 1: Play because you want to play

Playing bingo is fun and you should play to enjoy it!

TIP 2: Set yourself a limit

Be sure how much you can loose and if your comfortable.

 TIP 3: Practice, practice, practice.

 No one ever became good at anything by not doing it!

TIP 4: Pick the right time of day to play.

If you play at a time when the rooms are sparsely populated, it only stands to reason that your chances of winning are even higher! Be selective and don’t opt to play at extremely busy periods, pick wisely.

 TIP 5: Know when to leave

This ones simple. If you have won then scarper for the day, take your winnings and leave, don’t get tempted to put them all back into the pot, a win is a win don’t get greedy!

TIP 6: Card to player ratio.

 This might seem like common sense, but the easiest way to maximise your chances is by choosing the rooms with the least players and the least available cards – this will boost your chances of winning immensely.

Considering these elements before playing is really important if you want to get the most out of your game, but they are not the be all and end all – the most important element to look for is the sites security certificate. You need to absolutely make sure that the site you are using is regulated by a recognized gambling authority and that it is also 110% safe before you proceed to transfer any money on it.

There are many people accusing online bingo sites of being fixed, but it’s really important to remember that, should they contain a valid security certificate, they are guaranteed to be totally safe, and provided they have been regulated properly, they are also totally tamper proof – this however, does not stop people making accusations. That’s why you MUST keep your cool, and remember that these sites are operated by a random number generating software that ensures no one can possibly cheat the system.

So, even though you wont be able to cheat your way through a game, if you adhere to the six tips above, you will not only maximise your enjoyment of the game, you will also increase your chances of winning through the only truly honest and possible methods at your disposal – these tips and more are quite frankly, the only TRUE way to become an online bingo master. The numbers will always be king, but that doesn’t mean they can’t serve you faithfully so long as you follow our useful guidelines.





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