In the midnight hour she cried BINGO BINGO BINGO

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Traditional bingo is a dying industry – there, I said it. Why? In one word, the Internet. But for all its digital glory, the Internet can’t replace the human element of traditional bingo and the enormous social attraction it provides in thousands of communities across the world. Admittedly though, even though the lure of real people and the atmosphere a good crowd can provide is something many people crave, the sad truth is that the number of people playing this original and arguably best version of the game are fast on the decline in favour of simply plugging in their favourite device and playing their favourite game in the comfort and warmth of their own home. Understandably, bingo hall bosses are going to be worried, but when it comes to business, it’s no use worrying – the fact of the matter is, when the music starts to play, you’ve got to face it and dance. No dancing? No business. So what’s the answer? Re-invention of course! Yes we all know how bingo halls work, and of course we know how to play the game it self – but that’s part of the problem, it’s BORING. It’s also old, and worn, and dried out. By creating completely original and new twists on the game, bingo hall bosses can completely rejuvenate the game and make it apply to our generation in a more fitting manner.REBEL BINGO

This is where rebel bingo comes in…and god is it fun. See, the social aspect of traditional bingo is what makes it such a fun and still sought after experience to this day, and that’s exactly what rebel bingo is all about – it takes the fun and doubles it by playing to an adult audience that’s simply seeking a good time and an infinite amount of laughter in the process. To describe it in one sentence, the words raunchy, outrageous, emotional and hilarious are absolutely vital, and such is the power of the movement that even traditional bingo enthusiasts are a little worried that it might end up taking over the one time innocent family affair. When you go to a rebel bingo night, you need to wear your party hat and bring your biggest smile because this is one game that isn’t going to let you get away with any kind of boredom or negativity – the whole point is that you play bingo, but you play it whilst being as inappropriately childish, overtly sexual and intensely care free as possible. This is a game for giant rooms of people to let their hair down and be grown ups, it’s not unheard of for bingo dabbers to get used in a nonchalant manner at these events, and, to be honest, its even encouraged!

Once the bingo game is over, it’s time for an enormous party where all of the participants can run off steam and live, laugh and love their way through to the early hours of the morning before the tedium of work comes and brings all involved back down to earth. At least, for one night only, you know that you can take your often average bingo game, and transform it into something entirely different all together…when this comes to your area, do not miss it. Seriously – do yourself a favour, if you like bingo, you will absolutely LOVE this. No self respecting adult wouldn’t….

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