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You know when you are search the net for one thing and come across something else you never knew existed? Well Impractical Jokers is an American Comedy Series where hidden cameras are set up to follow four friends who are competing against each other to see who can perform the most outrageous things, such as..wait for it…making false calls during a bingo game, in a packed casino!!

The aim of the game is to see who is the best under pressure and at the end of every episode the poor looser must perform what can only be called, one terribly gut clenching challenge, and man, it would be a sad person who did not feel Salvatore Vulcano’s obvious pain!

Bingo Halls as we know them in the UK are a little different to those found in the US, but never-the-less games are taken as seriously when it comes to ‘eyes down!’   Salvatore’s challenge was to take part in a game of bingo and continually call bingo although he did not have it.

Picture this: the venue is Foxwoods’s Resort Casino and Salvatore has taken his seat in the club with his three ‘friends’ are full of anticipation and rather excited about the emotional and possible physical pain that may come Salvatore’s way!

Salvatore wears an ear piece and is in contact with his friends, the lady who is sitting next to him in the club actually looks at him as if he is mad, and also asks if he is doing ok. His ‘friends’ are the ones who choose when he has to shout bingo and he has to do as they say. Standing up he shouts “BINGO!” and of course one of the staff of the club comes over to check his car, but this is where the clubs differ from the UK as unlike at UK calls, his card appears on the big screen so the whole of the club can see that poor Salvatore isn’t even close…the game carries on and a few calls later Salvatore’s ‘friends’ tell him to call bingo again, and again his card is displayed for the whole club to see!

You can see how uncomfortable poor Salvatore is, and this practical joke will be enjoyed by many bingo lovers out there! (Of course as long as they have a sense of humour that is!)

Coming Soon a New Advert for Winner Bingo!

It has been announced the Winner Bingo is currently shooting a new advert for their brand, and we can’t wait to see it! Everyone knows that there have been numerous commercials advertising one bingo brand or another, some have been great to watch (Remember the Robin Hood one?) some have been pretty mediocre, and sadly there are those that simply make you cringe! Winner, we think, lands in the ‘GREAT’ category!

We really enjoyed the first commercial which featured not only the Head of Marketing at Winner Bingo (he had his leg in plaster) and the rather well-proportioned lady who could be seen throwing some shapes and doing a little twerking at a bus stop (was this the inspiration for the twerking cactus from Mecca?)

It seems that some ads simply draw you in more than others, and we do hope that this new one will be just as entertaining and enjoyable as the first! Terry Hollingshead of the Playtech Bingo Affiliates team is quoted as saying “We are delighted to announce (for the people who may or may not know yet) that we are in the process of shooting our television campaign for Winner Bingo. Of course, we still cannot indulge in spilling all of the details, but this new campaign should see our brand flourish.”


Can’t wait to see it Terry!