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Let’s cut to the chase – we all know there’s only one reason most people play bingo, and it’s not the socialising. It’s the MONEY, and the more fantastic in proportion the jack pot is, the more likely we are to swarm in our masses down to the bingo hall in a bid to try and win it. Some jack pots are relatively small when we’re talking a community centre standard game, but when you start to look at the big bingo operators, an the money they pull in, the jack pots suddenly start to up scale in proportion enormously and the winners find themselves in a life changing position.

Let’s take a look now at some of the biggest bingo wins EVER:

20 pounds

30p into 6 million.

 You’d be forgiven for thinking the messiah him self had come back to earth to pull this one off, yet it was just a normal Lincolnshire man by the name of John Orchard, a perfectly ordinary job centre worker.

John placed a 30p bet, and in last supper like style, it turned into a £5.9 million jackpot win, making it the biggest jackpot win in bingo history. That’s some seriously epic going…it must have been tough for John to come to terms with his win after working with the disenfranchised masses for so long. But then, 5.9 million would provide a few neat ways to take your mind off the guilt and keep a smile on your face!


The bankrupt millionaire.

This ones a little sad…a very lucky lady by the name of Soraya Lowell, who managed to net herself a £1.2 million jack pot win, actually ended up filing for divorce only four months after her massive win as reported by local media. This is sadly a trap many people fall into as they simply haven’t had access to these amounts of money before and therefore don’t have any money management skills. At least it was probably an incredibly FUN four months though, the memories must be awesome!


The big online one.

 We’ve only mentioned two of the biggest bingo hall wins so far, but this one came straight out of cyberspace and into the bank account of a Mr Georgios M. This lucky gentleman netted him self the second biggest bingo win in history, and the biggest online one, when he won an enormous £5.1 million playing online bingo. Nice.

So there you go, if you needed any further reasons to play bingo, other than of course the fun and social factor, these frankly massive wins should provide all the incentive you need to lay down some cash in the pursuit of, well, even more of it!

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