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A recent game of “designer” bag bingo in Marple, Newton has inspired some quirky suggestions for original new bingo games that will be SERIOUSLY fun for you to play with friends! Cash shouldn’t always be the objective where gambling is involved – considering you can gamble with your pride, sanity and social image, why would you waste your time on cash any way? Try some of these new varieties and have some REAL fun in the process!

Shot bingo

This isn’t original, it’s not big, it’s not clever – but it’s quite possibly the most fun you could ever have with a deck of bingo cards in your life. All you need is a bingo set, your favourite drinks, your favourite people, and a TON of shot glasses. Instead of claiming cash prizes for winning your round, you instead have to take a shot. As the night goes on, the party gets wilder, the shots rack up in numbers, and overall, everybody is happy! Winner.

Social media bingo

This one’s hilarious – again, everybody gathers around in an orderly circle, and play a good honest game of bingo. The catch? Every time you win, you are allowed to choose a hapless victim from amongst your circle to target for a “frape.” For those not in the know, “fraping” an individual is where one uses a friend (or enemy’s) Facebook account for their own evil entertainment designs, and updates their status with absolutely anything they choose for the benefit of the general public. The results are often hilarious, and it is absolutely mandatory when playing this that the victim in each case must leave their new status up for a period of no less than 10 minutes.unlucky bingo

Man versus food bingo

This one’s amazing for fans of culinary delights of all kinds. You’re going to need a ton of your favourite food, a bingo set, and a group of people with lead stomachs. The idea here is that whoever wins each round has to eat a set quantity of food, and the overall winner at the end of the night is the person who has eaten the largest amount over the course of the night! (or day, you might have to start early depending on the appetite of those you spend time with!) It’s often not pretty, but it’s astoundingly good fun, and provided the food is good, then it’s nothing but a joyous event for absolutely everyone involved.

All of the above

Dangerous, hilarious, wrong…but oh so right! I DARE you to combine ALL of the above bingo varieties in one magnificent, outrageously fun, and downright entertaining game of bingo that sees you and your friends progressively lose their recognisable identities over the course of an evening. It’s not for the faint of hearted, but the laughter factor is beyond belief here, and it’s probably even a good idea to invite people you aren’t fond of, just in the hope that they win every round and slowly turn into horrific versions of their former selves…

Seriously though, bingo is so accessible that you can transform a normal game into absolutely anything you desire based on your own evil designs. Try some of the above ideas, or create your own – the laughter jack pot is worth its weight in gold.

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