Technology Used at New Online Casinos

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You might not realise it, but when you play at a new online casino, there’s absolutely loads of technology being put to use. Every spin of the reels or depositing of funds has to be done properly, and this is only possible thanks to the huge amounts of money casinos invest in technology. But what are some of the technologies used at new online casino sites? Keep on reading and you’ll be able to find out…

Random Number Generators

The first piece of technology to mention is the random number generator used by every single casino game. RNGs are vitally important, as these algorithms are what decide the result of a spin or turn of the cards. There are almost infinite possibilities as to how a turn could progress, and RNGs decide which of the many possibilities comes true. They can’t be manipulated at the best sites either, as the best sites have had their RNGs verified and confirmed as fair by reputable external organisations, such as eCOGRA.

Now, you might think that RNGs have actually been around for a long time, and you’d be right. The thing is this though: they’re better at new online casinos, as they implement all the latest technology. So, when playing at a new casino, you can always be sure that every turn is a completely fair one, with the result decided by the most up-to-date random number generator around.

SSL Encryption

Next up, there’s SSL encryption, which is vitally important. This is the technology that keeps your personal details safe when you enter them online, and it’s used at pretty much every reputable website accepting payments, from shopping sites, through to online casinos. Without SSL encryption you’d be taking a risk every time you deposited money, which would clearly be a massive problem for most online casino players.

There are still some who don’t trust entering their card details online, which is why Paysafecard is still such a popular depositing option. We’d like to reassure every player that it’s perfectly safe to share banking details with any of the sites we recommend though, as all use SSL encryption to protect every single transaction, making it virtually impossible for details to be stolen.

HTML5 Technology

HTML5 technology is not that new anymore, however it’s still an absolutely vital piece of technology for new casino sites. This is because it ensures that the site can’t just be used on desktops, but on mobile devices as well. If you’ve ever wondered how a site adapts to fit your mobile display, the answer is HTML5 technology, so it’s a hugely important piece of the online casino puzzle.

Nowadays, new casino sites absolutely must allow players to play using their smartphone or tablet. In fact, playing using a mobile device is now equally as popular as playing using a desktop. With HTML5 technology, everyone would still have to wait until they get home before they can play their favourite online casino games.

Live Casino Technology

Finally, there’s the technologies that are used to enable live dealer casino games, which are now amongst the most popular in the online casino world. These games rely on a huge amount of technology to function properly, and without this technology we’d all still be playing the standard versions of table games instead.

When live games are played, the user interface needs to be there to allow players to interact with the live screen. What’s more, the ability to beam HD quality pictures over the internet, using high-spec webcams, is also vital. If just one piece of technology fails to do its job, the whole live casino experience is ruined – which is why casinos work so hard to ensure that everything is always right!

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