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The top of the deck will not come as any kind of surprise, being that bingo it self is so synonymous with the country in question – but what will probably surprise you is the pattern in which the game’s influence has followed across the world to infiltrate the various societies that now enjoy playing it on a daily basis.

Ready to find out the winner? The most bingo obsessed, jackpot hungry, E-bingo hall pillaging gambling loving nation is of course the United Kingdom. If you think of bingo, you traditionally think of an English granny sat at a little wooden table with her cronies excitedly marking her squares in rapid succession as she builds herself up to that ever near, but ever elusive cry of “BINGO!” in the pursuit of money, happiness, social contentment, and perhaps even a bottle of gin to go with it (which in our humble opinion always makes a fantastic prize.) Obviously, this image has now been replaced by that of hooded youths making their way down to Ladbrokes on a Friday night…but it’s the same principle.Crowd

Here’s the strange thing though – bingo didn’t originate in the United Kingdom…it originated in America. That’s how the History books write it anyway, I’m absolutely certain that some great British bingo bluff will be able to trace its origins back to some distant, twice removed cousin of the royal family who managed to conceive a tricky game of numbers and cards whilst drinking brandy on horseback in the middle of a fox hunt, but that could be said for almost anything. You’ve just got to go with the most CREDIBLE origin story available, and the story about an engaging number game that started being played in American carnivals before finding its way over to the UK is absolutely the most widely recognized and proven.

What is quite intriguing to note, however, is the volume of countries in close proximity to England who are deemed to be the successors to the E bingo crown – 7 out of the top 10 most online bingo mad countries in the world are European and on Britain’s door step, with Romania being next in line , and Ireland, Spain and Brazil being next after that. It’s interesting to note that America places fairly low on the list, but Brazil, its next-door neighbour, is one of the highest. It’s very hard to discern whether or not America first launched the game and then fed it into neighbouring Brazil before spreading it across the ocean to the UK, or whether or not the UK actually spread it into neighbouring Europe before it then headed back to Brazil.

Either way, its clear to see that bingo is here to stay – no matter which country you live in, you’ll be able to enjoy a game of this traditional favourite and hopefully scrape a jack pot or two.

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