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Now we all know how seriously you take your games of bingo, and that you can’t settle down to your favourite game without one vital ingredient – your favourite bingo snack! It’s impossible to have a take-away and give it your full attention, so it’s obvious that you need something to nibble that won’t be too intrusive in relation to your game.

So I asked a few folks what their snack of choice would be. For many crisps topped their list, but there are so many varieties out there that I didn’t come up with a firm favourite. However of one thing I am certain, and that is there has to be accompanying dips. But a word of warning – it’s best to have a supply of napkins nearby in case you are over-zealous with the dip and accidentally drip it all over your screen. Be prepared is a good motto!popcorn

Nuts were next on the list, dried, or salted and mixed with raisins preferably. Again, there are plenty of nuts out there but salted peanuts and cashews were the most desired. But others of you pointed out that salted peanuts were nothing but a nuisance as the salt stuck to your fingers and then got transferred to the keyboard or key pad, depending on your machine of choice. Chocolate peanuts and raisins came high up the list too but then we entered into the realms of chocolate based snacks, which opened up a whole new world! Clearly some of you took the term “snack” to its limit, wanting large chocolate bars or big tins of sharing chocolates.

Those with less of a sweet tooth were happy with homemade popcorn, provided you had prepared it in advance so that when you were ready to sit and play, the large bowl would be at your side there to dip into as the tension and excitement rose. The health conscious among you spoke of carrot sticks but I moved swiftly on from those. Surely the loud crunching would become annoying? There is nothing quite so loud as a raw vegetable being crunched.

At this point my quick survey got a little out of hand as people began to mention take-aways of every sort possible available to mankind. Clearly a meal to most, rather than a snack and personally I would find this difficult to manage whilst simultaneously playing bingo. However, many saw this as a challenge rather than a limitation and chips with curry sauce, cheesy chips and onion rings and garlic bread all seemed to be favourites.

And of course all the snacking is bound to create a thirst and without hesitation a glass of wine or two was the most popular accompaniment to all the eating. Many made it quite clear at this point that glasses might very easily turn into bottles before the evening was out. It is clear therefore that no game of bingo is complete without something to nibble on and something else to wash it down. Maybe we should consider the bingo calories!

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