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Sing Prove to be Stars Rating: 0/5

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We are loving all the special promotions Sing have to offer their players.  A lot of thought has gone into what folk like and they have come out rocking!

Just for starter this month they have the Jazz It Up offer which boasts three special prize packages for some lucky winners worth a great £500 each!

All you need to do is complete some fun tasks to earn FREE cards to their weekly games.

When you opt in to this promotion you will be able to check how many free cards you have earned on the Jazz It Up Counter on your account page.

Remember roomies please read all the terms and conditions that are relevant to this promotions before opting in.

Do You Love Your Tourneys?

Of course you do!  Sing again has topped the charts this month with a great tourney open to its players.  Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Chat Tourney is based on the book/film and give you the opportunity to be placed in one of the teams.

All you have to do is enter a qualifying room and when Charlie wins a golden ticket to that wonderful factory its time to feast on all those goodies he has always dreamed of.  But beware!  If you are one of the five lucky winners remember not everything is a sweet as it first appears!  Judging by the team names there could be some unpleasant outcomes!

Team Names

  • Charlie bucket
  • Mike Teavee
  • Veruca Salt
  • Augustus Gloop
  • Violet Beauregaude

If you are lucky enough to win a full house you will earn yourself 1,000 Sing Points and 1 point for your team.  At the finish of the tourney the team with the most points will win themselves a delightful 5,000 Diamonds for EACH team member!

And there’s more!

At the end of the tourney all those that played will be entered into the Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Prize Draw for the opportunity to win two tickets to see Roald Dahl’s brand new West End musical!

*All relevant details can be found on the promotions page of Sing.  Good Luck Roomies!