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Bingo tips for beginners – online gamers Rating: 0/5

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bingo tipsSo you’re considering joining the online community of bingo players; what sort of questions are you asking? Is it a reputable site, will the people I play with be part of a safe community? Will I be in control of my money and what I spend? And most importantly, how do I play and will I enjoy the experience?

Well all this depends on how you approach the game. Are you looking for a safe and supportive community with like-minded people and does this out-way your desire for financial gain? You’ll find this a really positive experience if you bear in mind that you are embarking on a game of luck and don’t have high expectations of making your fortune. Of course you’ll have winnings, but if money is your driving force you won’t maximise your enjoyment and satisfaction with the game.

When playing online, the number of bingo cards you buy are often randomly selected for you by the software. Most sites have an option to change your cards or numbers if you do not like what you have been given. Every online bingo game has a caller and a display board for the bingo numbers. Most automatically mark the numbers and call bingo for you but you also have the option to use manual dabbing. There will be an option button for doing this, where you can choose the colours and shapes of your dabbers.

For peace of mind it helps create a secure experience if you register with a reputable bingo site. There are hundreds available online so sign up to one that you’ve heard of or have been recommended to you by a friend. Remember, if a deal offered by a site looks too good to be true, it probably is so read all the small print included in the joining instructions. It’s no good piling up the winnings if you are not allowed access to your money for reasons that were never presented to you up-front.

It’s another very good idea to set yourself a daily limit in order to keep a check on your spending. It’s so easy to get carried away so keep your sensible head on. Write down your daily spends and winnings at first, until you get used to it. Then at least tot up on a weekly basis to keep you in control. Remember you are first and foremost playing for fun so don’t let the experience become stressful on any level. So keep the number of cards you play to a manageable level – it’s no use having multiple cards if you miss some of the numbers. That just wastes your money and your chances of winning. Most online bingo players find 3 – 4 cards the optimum number.

In order to get the best possible value for your money you need to give some consideration to the time that you play online. If you possibly can, go for the quieter periods least popular with other players. This can be early morning or late at night on weekdays. The less the opposition the more you have a chance of winning, so increase your odds by choosing your gaming time wisely.

So follow our simple tips and you will soon be playing online like a savvy seasoned campaigner. These no-nonsense suggestions will increase your fun whilst keeping you in control so you can enjoy the game to the full. Happy bingo playing!