Bingo tips for beginners – traditional bingo halls

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Bingo is a great way to make new friends with endless entertainment and the added lure of financial reward. So when you’ve finally got round to wandering down to your local bingo hall and plucked up the courage to play your very first game, a little bit of advanced knowledge will help you slip in unnoticed and become a seasoned gamer before you know it.

Just suss out your venue before you start. Which are the popular days and when are the least attended sessions? It stands to reason that if you join in when the lowest number of people are attending, you will increase your chances of winning. The more cards that are sold, the less your odds are to win so create the reverse effect to maximise your access to the cash!bingo halls

It’s also a good idea to arrive early to bag your perfect position in the hall. Most halls fill up early with all the eager beavers. You want to have a good view so you can see the caller clearly. And if the hall has a sound system you don’t want to sit on top of the speakers as this sometimes distorts the sound. A comfortable distance away from them with a good view is what to aim for. Remember to locate yourself somewhere near the toilets so you don’t lose too much gaming time getting lost on your way there if caught short!

So next you need to remember all your essential equipment – you need to have all your dabbers and good luck charms at the ready for when the callers start shouting out those numbers. It can all seem very fast paced at first and a little bewildering if you take on too much. You need to have as many cards as you can manage as this again increases your chances of winning. This might mean experimenting at first by building up from a couple of cards first time round to as many as you can comfortably manage on subsequent games. And don’t forget the obvious – you will need plenty of cash with you to buy your cards! Some halls offer you a discount on buying bundles of cards, so when you’re sure that bingo is for you (and why wouldn’t it be?) ask about discounts.

If at all possible it’s a good idea to when you’re first getting started to go along with a friend, preferably one that is well experienced in bingo playing. They will be able to keep you on the straight and narrow and can even help you out if you can’t keep up with marking your numbers. Remember that one number missed could be the difference between you winning and losing!

So, with a sprinkling of beginner’s luck combined with our handy tips to get you started, you’ll soon be getting into a routine with your regular venue. But if they don’t offer enough sessions for you, or don’t open at the times most convenient for you, look around and try out some alternative venues too. Games can be advertised in the local press, on village hall notice boards and even in shop windows, so become a bit of a detective and seek out the more elusive venues too and sharpen your skills, make new friends – and hopefully become a winner! Good luck!

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