Chat Room Etiquette

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One of the great attractions of the online bingo sites, apart from the excitement of the games and the big money wins, is the chat room facility. Great fun can be had here, as well as them being a source of valuable information from your new-found friends. They can be a place of learning both for long time members as well as those who are newcomers. Together they all form a community who can help, support and learn from each chat

You can exchange information about online sites, or find out which offer the best bonuses or joining fees. The aim is to be helpful, especially to those who have just joined – we were all newcomers once! And the conversation isn’t just confined to bingo – you can discuss anything and everything under the sun!

To get the best possible experience from the bingo chat room there are some simple rules to follow that make for a smooth transition into the existing group. They are mostly common sense but can sometimes be overlooked.

First and foremost be respectful to people, much as you would when meeting any new group of people for the first time. Listen to the conversations before you jump in. Try not to say anything controversial at first, considering alternative viewpoints before offering yours. Don’t set out to antagonise people as you don’t make any friends that way. Remember that respect has to be earned and people will respect you if you respect them.

This carries over into your choice of username. Don’t choose anything offensive. Avoid bad language or explicit sexual references for example and choose something simple and fun – you can be saucy or flirty without offending people. Remember that chat rooms are places for everyone’s mutual enjoyment.

Also do not use the bingo chat room to advertise other bingo sites or services. It is not an advertising platform. If the information you want to impart is not for everyone then send it in a personal email. This includes criticism you may have of other sites; it’s not very good protocol to post bad things about another site. When you write your posts try and remember to write in lower case letters. When you keep the caps lock on writing just in capitals is the equivalent of shouting. This gives the impression that you are angry or offended when actually you just need to turn that caps lock off!

In fact the chat room etiquette is the same that you would use to engage with any new group of people you are likely to meet. Observe the polite niceties and you make lifelong friends; do it wrong and people don’t want to know you. Apply these simple rules and it won’t be long until you are part of the online bingo family with all the fun and excitement that it brings with it. You will build up your bank of bingo buddies and will soon learn their patterns of going online. So what are you waiting for? Join the online community in a chat-room today and enhance your bingo experience.


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