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William Hill Bingo is one of the best established and most recognised bingo brands on the market today – they are one of the longest running too, with a fan base hundreds of thousands strong and new customers pouring through their virtual and physical doors all the time.

They put on periodic promotions to draw in new customers and reward existing ones all the time, these offers are crucial for any bingo site to stay in operation and not only retain as many active members as possible, but also attract new ones as well. The majority of these offers are either seasonal or wholly occasional, but some times, after a gauge of interest before hand, some promotions prove to be so popular that the bingo house in question will adopt it as a weekly feature and make it one of the main attractions of their site.


These offers are not only great for generating new revenue streams, but they are also brilliant for hooking players into the social aspect of the sites in question and creating new player groups centred on social networking and online friendships – they really help to embellish the positives of online bingo gaming from all aspects, especially considering there is usually a worthy bonus to take home for the winner.

This particular offer from William Hill offers 4 hours of free play every Monday, spanning across the entire day during time periods to suit every body’s hectic schedules and give 100% coverage to target every niche of the audience. There is a morning slot between 11 am until noon, an afternoon slot between 2 pm to 3pm, an evening slot between 5pm to 6pm, and a night slot between 10:30pm to 11:30pm – this makes the offer not only accessible, but also means William Hill stand to draw interest from all corners of their target market being that they are catering so well for people with every kind of schedule imaginable and are sure to gain some new customers who are initially heading to the site to try their hand at the game due to the pulling power of the free offer.

The great part of this offer is the fact that there is actually a £750 prize pot for people to dip into every Monday, which considering the fact people are playing for free, is pretty awesome. It’s not a big win by usual bingo standards, but when most of the people winning the prize wont have spent a penny, they will essentially receive money for nothing – a great way to pull a sea of new players into the bingo arena if ever there was one.

If that wasn’t great enough, players can upgrade their free ticket to a super book ticket for 5p and literally multiply the prize fund by 10 – so £750 easily becomes £7,500 and people find themselves playing for a respectable prize win by any games standards. This is simply an amazing opportunity for people to get into online bingo for the first time, but also for existing bingo lovers to sneak a few rounds in without any risk and is a great way for the casual player to dip their hand into the pot without putting any heavy cash on the line to do so. Epic result all round.

  • £50 Free Bingo & 50 Free Spins
    • £50 Free Bingo & 50 Free Spins
    • Multi-award winning site
    • Live Chat Support
    • Great games to choose from

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