Rock n Roll bingo – Yes its real!

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I WANT TO ROCK N ROLL ALL NIGHT… ok we shall calm down a bit, but the lyrics to KISS songs are totally relevant in this post because were talking ROCK N ROLL BINGO!

Now here’s something a little different! Customary bingo has taken a rather substantial stride back lately. It doesn’t feel like that long ago prior that bingo lobbies here and there the nation were seeing expanded achievement and bingo’s fame was at its confounding statures. Unfortunately, notwithstanding, in more recent times the business has seen a consistent decline with online bingo becoming more popular, all of a sudden bingo bosses have worked out how to hook back some enthusiasm from the overall population mainly because of it’s web development and online based gambling clubs. Due to the declining interest in bingo halls and the bingo game as a whole, exerts have had to dig deep and think of other ways to keep players interested and ready to play. One such concept that appears to rising in popularity around the country is that of so-called ‘Rock and Roll Bingo’.

So what is rock n roll bingo? The game is now being played and enjoyed in bars and pubs all over the globe and is a fantastic way for local communities and event hosts to engage with their visitors and audiences more. What’s even more interesting about the concept of ‘Rock and Roll Bingo’ is that it also appeals to music fans of all ages, and don’t worry you don’t have to just be into Metallica or ACDC. The game attempts to replace the traditional numbers bingo game and instead uses 15-second clips of various songs and music. And instead of numbers being shown on your bingo card you have various bands and artists and song titles. When a clip is played you simply mark off the corresponding artist and song on your card.

rock n roll

Karaoke is still a prevalent tradition in numerous bars far and wide with numerous open houses holding customary karaoke nights for their loyal and enthusiastic customers. Everybody loves listening to a melody they haven’t heard in a while and they cherish singing along to. What makes ‘Rock and Roll Bingo’ energizing is that it gives another social quality to the conventional game and players are regularly singing along to every musical clasp. Typical bingo has that tragic part of reiteration. You get out numbers and you check them off sitting tight for somebody to win a line or call house. However, here each amusement can be totally diverse on account of the unimaginable range and list of musical styles, and melodies that are promptly accessible.

Compared to traditional bingo played in halls and your average online game, there is still life in the realm of bingo all things considered. Rock your socks off and head bang your way to a win!

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