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This is a completely valid question. When we think of social gaming, a large majority of us instantly conjure up images of somebody sat in their arm chair at home devouring bottle after bottle of pop and engorging themselves on a pizza large enough to feed a small family – all the while, their gaze is transfixed on a monitor containing a majorly overblown avatar of the real life persona sat before it. How accurate is this image though? – Well to be honest – not very. Not any more any way.

Once upon a time, social gaming belonged almost exclusively to the likes of World Of Warcaft and other majorly successful online video games that drew millions upon millions of avid gaming enthusiasts to the internet in the search for what many of them considered to be a better version of reality.

At large, the negative stereotype associated with online / social gaming can largely be attributed to this type of digital “community club” – sadly, many people did in fact prefer the reality they were entering in cyberspace to their own. This was especially the case with those who were already socially reclusive as games like this allowed them to evade their existence in the real world in a manner they had never previously been able to.


There were many positives though – for instance, the simple nature of online gaming meant that people from all walks of life across the world were suddenly trading stories, learning about different cultures, languages, thought processes and facets of the world they never knew existed. It was quite literally one of the greatest innovations for human connectivity across the planet the social digital media platform had ever seen.

Through the advancement of that platform, thousands upon thousands of other avenues for people to connect electronically have flourished – every traditional family based board game or card game you have ever played now exists in cyberspace and is being played by millions upon millions of people as we speak. Not only that, but activities like bingo, betting, and even skill networking forums for those wishing to improve upon every facet of their respective hobby now exist on the internet for people to broaden their horizons whilst having fun in the comfort of their own home.

Social gaming is good for a great deal – Mainly human interactivity. With the ever expanding range of hardware available at the touch of our finger tips, we are truly spoiled for choice when it comes to the means and manners in which we can enjoy our chosen social networking focus. Be that a game of online poker, or a simple betting forum. Get out there and meet someone – the potentially life changing journey you stand to embark on as a result of travelling into cyberspace is too good to be missed.

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